Book Chapters

Refereed Book Chapters

Weingarden, L. S. (2019). “Cross-contaminated bodies: Constructing Obscenity in the Public Imaginary.” In Pornography: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, edited by Frank Jacobs. The Peter Lang Publishing Group; 85-119.

Weingarden, L. S. (2019) “Brazil’s Inhotim: modernist paradise and/or political mediation.” In Márcia Arbex, Miriam de Paiva Vieira, Thaïs Flores Nogueira Diniz (Eds.), Escrita, som, imagem: perspectivas contemporâneas. Belo Horizonte [MG]: Fino Traço, 233-264. Online 

Weingarden, L. S. (2018). Mirroring Naturalism in Word and Image: A critical exchange between Emile Zola and Eduoard Manet. In David Kennedy, & Richard Meek (Eds.), Ekphrastic Encounters: New Interdisciplinary Essays on Literature and Visual Art (pp. 144-164). Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Weingarden, L. S. (2016). A Poetics of Organic Expression: Louis Sullivan’s Transcendentalist Legacy in Word and Image. In C. Gander, & S. Garland (Eds.), Mixed Messages: American Correspondences in Cisual and Cerbal Practices (pp. 18-31). Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Weingarden, L. S. (2015). Framing an Experiential Aesthetics: The Affective Turn in Contemporary Installation Art. In Véronique A. Journeau, & Christine V. Kayser (Eds.), Notions esthétiques (II) : la perception sensible organisée (pp. 197-210). Paris, éditions L’Harmattan, collection “L’univers esthétique”.

Weingarden, L. S. (2011). Manet’s Realism and the Erotic Gaze: Photography and Censorship. In Catriona McLeod, & Veronique Plesch (Eds.), Efficacy/Efficacité: Word & Image Interactions 7 (pp. 287-304). Amsterdam/New York: Editions Rodopi.

Weingarden, L. S. (2009). Benjamin’s Elective Affinities: Re-assessing ‘The Paris of the Second Empire in Baudelaire’. In Stephanie Moore Glaser (Ed.), Media inter Media, Essays in Honor of Claus Clüver (pp. 187-203). Amsterdam, New York, NY: Rodopi.

Weingarden, L. S. (2009). Modernizing History and Historicizing Modernity: Baudelaire and Baudelairean Representations of Contemporaneity. In Catriona McLeod, & Veronique Plesch (Eds.), Elective Affinities, Word & Image Interactions 6 (pp. 187-203). Amsterdam/New York: Editions Rodopi.

Weingarden, L. S. (2008). The Photographic Subversion: Benjamin, Manet and Art(istic) Reproduction. In Reproducing Art: Walter Benjamin’s Work of Art Essay Reconsidered, InterCulture, special issue (pp. 1-24). ALETRIA: Revista de estudos de literatura: Intermedialidade (Brazil). Retrieved from

Weingarden, L. S. (2005). Baudelairean Modernity and Mirrored Time. In Götz Pochat (Eds.), Kunsthistorisches Jahrbuch Graz 29/30 (pp. 125-138). Germany: Akademische Druck–und Verlagsanstalt Graz.

Weingarden, L. S. (2005). The Mirror as a Metaphor of Baudelairean Modernity. In ClausClüver, et al. (Eds.), Orientations: Space/Time/Image/Word, Word & Image Interactions 5 (pp. 16-36). Amsterdam/New York: Editions Rodopi.

Weingarden, L. S. (1998). Art Historical Iconography and Word & Image Studies: Manet’s ‘A Bar at the Folies Bergère’ and the Naturalist Novel. In Martin Heusser (Eds.), The Pictured Word: Word & Image Interactions 2 (pp. 49-63). Amsterdam/Atlanta: Editions Rodopi.

Weingarden, L. S. (1997). William Gilpin: The Poetics of Picturesque (Painterly) Perception and Architectural Representation. In Ulla–Britta Lagerroth (Eds.), Interart Poetics: Essays on the Interrelations of the Arts and Media (pp. 179-193). Amsterdam/Atlanta: Editions Rodopi B.V.

Weingarden, L. S. (1994). Restoring Romanticism at the 1893 World’s Fair: The Olmsted–Sullivan Collaboration. In Gustavo Curiel (Ed.), Arte, HIstoria e Identidad en América: Visiones Comparativas, II (pp. 375-386). Mexico: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Weingarden, L. S. (1993). ‘Ut poesis architectura’: Louis H. Sullivan’s Poetic Means of Expression. In Martin Heusser (Eds.), Word & Image Interactions: A Selection of Papers Given at the Second International Conference on Word and Image Universitat Zurich (pp. 251-263). Basel: Wieses Verlag.

Weingarden, L. S. (1992). Louis Sullivan’s Emersonian Reading of Walt Whitman. In Geoffrey Sill, & Roberta Tarbell (Eds.), Walt Whitman and the Visual Arts (pp. 99-120). New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press.

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