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Weingarden, L. S. (2022) “Figuring the Fantastic amidst Haussmann’s Ruins: Baudelaire’s Land/Cityscape Poems.” : View Here

Weingarden, L. S. (2021) “Naturalizando e reformulando as instalaçoes artisticas contemporâneas
em Inhotim” : View Here
(trans. from “Naturalizing and Reframing Contemporary Installation Art at Inhotim”): View Here

Weingarden, L. S., & Nygard, T. (2018). Cognitive Sciences and the Arts. Choice, 56:4, 431-439. Retrieved from

Refereed Journal Articles

Pelowski, Matthew Specker, Eva, Gregor, G., Leder, H., & Weingarden, L. S. (2018). Do you feel like I do? A study of spontaneous and deliberate emotion sharing and understanding between artists and perceivers of Installation art. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the arts. Retrieved from

Weingarden, L. S. (2013). Imaging and Imagining the French Peasant: Gustave Courbet and Rural Physiologies. Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide: A Journal of Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture, 12, issue 1, 1-40. Retrieved from

Weingarden, L. S. (2013). The Performative Turn at Inhotim: Installation Art and Baudelairean Modernity. Aletria: Revista de Estudos de Literatura, 13, 3, 13-30. Retrieved from

Weingarden, L. S. (2008). The Photographic Subversion: Benjamin, Manet and Art(istic) Reproduction. Reproducing Art: Walter Benjamin’s Work of Art Essay Reconsidered, InterCulture, special issue, 51, 1-24.

Weingarden, L. S. (1990). Louis H. Sullivan’s Emersonian Reading of Walt Whitman. Mickle Street Review, 12, 83-98.

Weingarden, L. S. (1989). Naturalized Nationalism: A Ruskinian Discourse in the Search for a New American Style of Architecture. Winterthur Portfolio, 24, 43-68.

Weingarden, L. S. (1987). A Transcendentalist Discourse in the Poetics of Technology: Louis Sullivan’s Transportation Building and Walt Whitman’s ‘Passage to India’. Word & Image, 3, 202-221.

Weingarden, L. S. (1986). Naturalized Technology: Louis H. Sullivan’s Whitmanesque Skyscrapers. The Centennial Review, 30, 480-496.

Weingarden, L. S. (1985). The Colors of Nature: Sullivan’s Architectural Polychromy and 19th Century Color Theory. Winterthur Portfolio, 20, 243-260.

Weingarden, L. S. (1985). Aesthetics Politicized: William Morris to the Bauhaus. Journal of Architectural Education, 38, 8-13.

Weingarden, L. S. (1980). Louis H. Sullivan: Investigation of a Second French Connection. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 39, 297-309.

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