Invited Papers at Conferences and Symposia

Invited Conferences

Weingarden, L. S. (presented 2015, November). Prequels and Sequels: Tracking ‘Death of the Author’ in Modern and Contemporary Art and Theory. Paper presented at Roland Barthes Centenary: FSU faculty reflect on Barthes’s effect on their research, Florida State University. (Regional)

Invited Symposia

Weingarden, L. (presented 2014, July). “Reflections on Baudelairean Modernity.”. In Surfaces, Reflections on Mirrors in the Arts. Symposium conducted at the meeting of Symposium of the Munich Doctoral Program for Literature and the Arts MIMESIS 14/15, Kloster Ettal, Germany. (International)

Weingarden, L. S. (presented 2006, October). ‘Ut poesis architectura’: Sullivan’s Romantic Legacy. In Louis Sullivan at 150 International Symposium. Symposium conducted at the meeting of Chicago Historical Museum, Chicago, IL. (International)

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